About Natural-Advice

Here at Natural-Advice, I research and write information on all kinds of diseases and disorders, and how these could be addressed in a natural way.

This means steering away from medications or any drugs/medicines with active ingredients and just focusing on mother nature.

I appreciate that many people may be sceptical about treating diseases and disorders with non-medicinal methods. However, this has worked for many people, including myself.

I found that, especially as people get older, doctors would prescribe multiple medications for conditions and before you know it, you find yourself swallowing 20 pills a day. My aim is to help people find alternative ways of dealing with certain diseases and disorders, hence, reducing the intake of medicines. If you can find a natural way to deal with disorders, why not try it?

Now it’s important to note that, with some diseases and disorders, it is absolutely vital to take the medicines that your Doctor prescribes. So please consult your doctor or medical professional before making any changes to your treatment, or what is prescribed to you.  

For example, my Grandmother has Type 2 diabetes, and she now mostly controls the condition through diet and hardly has to take her insulin. Now please note, this is Type 2 diabetes, with Type 1 diabetes it is different, and insulin treatment is necessary – as always, consult your medical professional!

About Olivia

Hello, I’m Olivia Taylor, the voice behind Natural-Advice.com. I have always had a keen interest in healthy and natural living.

I live in the UK but have spent many years in Germany, as my Mother is German, and my Father is British. I spent my final school years in a German school and then went to study for a Pharmacy degree at the University of Bonn. However, after my second year at University there, we had to relocate back to the UK. I used my study credits and completed a BSc (Honours) in Biology through the Open University.

During my studies with the Open University, I’ve also worked part-time as a pharmacy technician at the local hospital.

After my studies, I wasn’t quite ready for the ‘workforce’ yet, and really wanted to travel and experience different cultures.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and had to opportunity to soak up how different cultures live. My travels have taken me through Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, and India where I spend some time in Agra and New Delhi in the north, and Manali in the south.

Recently I have completed a Diploma in Homeopathy as I developed an interest in Homeopathy as well. Generally my interests have shifted in reading and researching more about Natural Treatments of diseases and disorders, which goes hand-in-hand with my creation of Natural-Advice.com.

What you’ll find on Natural-Advice

You’ll read about Natural Nutrition where I try to include only naturally occurring nutrients and foods or supplements as unprocessed as possible. Another category is Treatment Methods, where I write about the natural ways of treating some diseases and disorders.

Then we cover Diseases in general as well as Male Disorders and Female Disorders.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for anything specific, please use the search function (magnifying glass) on the site to search your topic.

A reminder again that this site, Natural-Advice.com, is presented for information only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice.

Contact Information

If you want to get in touch, please use the contact form on this site.

Please note, I cannot offer advice on treatments via email. It is always advisable to visit your local medical professional for any diagnoses or treatment.

All the best, and much love,